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Peer-to-Peer Advocacy Programs


Reverend Odell Montgomery Cooper

Rev. Odell Montgomery Cooper

Founding President/CEO

2021 Community Healer Award Winner


"Sister Odell has truly turned her pain into purpose. This is a story of hope arising from grief. It Underscores the critical need for us as Black people to create a culture of emotional emancipation, healing, wellness, and empowerment in every community in which we live."

-Enola G. Aird, Founder and President Community Healing Network, Inc.

Let's Talk Program

The program “Let’s Talk” was created from Rev. Odell's personal traumatic experiences; she calls “Interruptions.” Odell offers transparency into her emotional challenges and her resiliency to reinvent herself. The program material is designed to lead discussions to acknowledge, recognize those unexplainable feelings, behaviors, and how to break through the burdensome myths and stigmas of our families, faith, society, and culture.


Melanie P.

"Interruptions has broken my need for silence.  I am embracing the opportunity to listen for and hear my own voice.  I didn't realize how powerful, paralyzing and toxic silence was until I learned to listen for and hear my own voice.  Thank you Rev. Odell for seeing and hearing my silence and breaking through. "

Natasha W.

"This book was absolutely phenomenal. It opened my eyes to how trauma impacted the way we process grief.  I was able to see how these "Interruptions" in life helped shaped me a person.  This book is an excellent teaching tool and can help start the talk about grieving.  Thank you Rev. Odell for speaking your truth and allowing us to see a pathway to move forward!"

Cypcyone J.

"Rev Odell. I truly believe God used you as an instrument for such a time as this. Your story enveloped me, and held onto me like unto a chrysalis. I was ushered into wellness and a hope that I’ve never experienced before."

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