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Interruptions exist to engage people of color in discussions that dismantle the crippling stigmas in our culture, society and faith to build the confidence to change our narrative and heal ourselves. 


Interruptions envisions communities where people of color have the tools to heal themselves and the next generation.

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Rev. Odell Montgomery Cooper

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Rev. Odell Montgomery Cooper is the Founding President/CEO of Interruptions: Disrupting the Silence, LLC. An organization that emerged out of her own trauma and pain. Odell’s life was interrupted when her son Jonathan became another victim of gun violence when he was murdered by mistaken identity. 

By ignoring and not recognizing trauma (in this instance, mental health), this interruption caused a turbulent journey that ignited a domino-effect of PTSD, loss of employment, detachment from relationships, addiction, suicidal ideation, a struggle to cope with her faith, and ultimately God’s decision for what was now a part of her life’s story. Even though her daughter was told to “stop praying and plan for her funeral” Odell overcame the doubts and slowly started to rebuild. 


Through rediscovering her faith, her network of support and the will to live, Odell stumbled through the next few years finding her truth and how she could inspire others through her personal story. The doctors convinced her that reinventing herself was the best path forward. The life that she once knew, her career, her lifestyle, wouldn’t be the same. In the book Interruptions: Disrupting the Silence, Odell shares how she became resilient as she struggled to overcome historical family traditions, cultural and societal stigmas about mental health.


By Disrupting the silence on trauma and breaking the stigmas to mental health, Odell gave birth to Let’s Talk - An emotional wellness program of workshops, resources, and a safe space for Black and Brown People to discover a pathway for healing. 

Interested in learning more about our workshops? Book a meeting below to chat 1:1 with Odell.

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