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Book Talk

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Book Talk is a group discussion that provides a safe space to engage in conversation around trauma, healing, and other topics of emotional wellness. 


The Interruptions Book was concepted from a personal tragedy, but was written to bring healing and understanding of traumatic behaviors. If you are seeking to learn how people can emerge resilient from traumatic events, and tools that can help lead to your own resilience, this talk is tailored for you. In the book “Interruptions: Disrupting the Silence”, the author, Rev. Odell shares how she overcame her physical maladies, family traditions, cultural and societal stigmas, and racial disparities about emotional wellness. She discovers a way to reinvent herself through her faith, learned experiences, and network of support.

Participant Workshop

This 8-session interactive workshop was designed for participants to discuss the crippling and prejudice myths and stigmas that exist in our society, culture, and faith. The author is transparent and shares her turbulent journey of three generations: personal traumatic interruption, their struggles, and their community’s effort to recognize and understand the behaviors that were appearing in their daily life.

By participating in the program you are encouraged to bring these ideas and lessons back to your families and communities. Extend a supportive hand to help a friend, colleague, neighbor, or relative seek their healing, whether that means therapy, rediscovering their faith, or some other means of recovering from the disruption of trauma.

The facilitator will lead the conversation on emotional wellness as it relates to Black and Brown communities. You will participate in eight sessions: Interruptions, Trauma, Carrying the Weight of Trauma and Getting Help, Homegoing Service, Traumatic Grief, Faith and Spirituality, and Resilience and Emotional Wellness. Each session will include group discussions and personal reflections.

Facilitator Workshop

This 3-day intensive workshop was designed to guide the facilitator on how to engage participants through the 8-session participant program. Facilitator’s will be taught strategic tips and techniques on how to lead small group discussions by creating a safe space for honest conversation.  

Upon completing the facilitator training, you will have the skills and confidence to become an “Interrupter Facilitator” and an emotional-wellness advocate and to use this information to further the conversation within your community.

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